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  • What is Ante-Natal Consultation ?
    Best way to learn about breastfeeding techniques, position and it's importance before you have baby in your hand, so you should consult your lactation consultant during pregnancy time, it's called antenatal lactation consultation.
  • When should i consult during pregnancy ?
    At any time period during your pregnancy, but preferred during 7-9 months of pregnancy.
  • How much time it will take for consultation ?
    It is very much flexible for person to person but minimum 1 hour to 3 hours it will take for breastfeeding counselling and consultation according to your problems and questions.
  • How to increase my breast-milk supply ?
    There is not a single medication that will give you 100% result, but there will be many things you can do with that you can increase your milk supply, for that you need to consult your lactation consultant.
  • How do i know that, my baby getting enough breast-milk ?"
    If your baby passes urine more than 4-5 time and increase weight more than 700GM per month, that's mean your baby getting enough milk from you.
  • Can i consult you by video call or online ?
    Yes video calling can be done, but some time it has some limitations, because lactation consultation required practice of holding a baby and proper latch on your breast, and it will difficult to advice on video consultation.
  • I felt pain during breastfeeding, is it normal? "
    No, pain during breastfeeding is not a normal, it may be due to many reasons like, breast engorgement, mastitis, crack nipple, improper position, and improper latch, you should consult your lactation consultant for it.
  • How can i cure my crack and sore nipple ?
    By proper latch and position of your baby, with use of nipple shield and some medication it will be fine, but its better to consult your lactation consultant.
  • My baby not gainig enough weight, what should i do ?"
    If your baby not gaining proper weight on breast feeding that mean, either you have some issue like inadequate breast milk, nipple problems, engorgement, improper latch, or it may be due to some issues on baby, but it will only be confirm by examination, you should consult your lactation consultant.
  • My nipples are flat, what to do ?"
    It can be revert with proper techniques and consultation, please contact your lactation consultation.
  • I can not visit your clinic, can you come at my Home ?"
    There may be possibilities that due to some medical condition you can not consult to clinic, you can ask your lactation constant for home or hospital visit.
  • Can i breastfeed my baby if i have fever and cold ?
    Yes 100% you can breastfeed your baby if you have fever and cold, just wear mask and clean your hand before taking your baby.
  • What shoul i eat during breastfeeding ?
    It is very vague question that most mothers asked me about what should i eat ? Its depends on many condition and your nature and your food habits, so no one can give single answer, please consult to your lactation consultant.
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