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How to Massage a Newborn Baby (part-2)

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Massaging Your Baby’s Head and Face

Cradle your baby’s head in both hands to stroke their scalp

Reach underneath your baby’s head and neck to make sure they’re well supported. Use your fingertips to trace very small circles on their scalp. Avoid the soft spot right at the top of their head

Make a heart around the edges of your baby’s face.

Use the tips of your pointer fingers. Start at the crown of your baby’s head and move down to their chin

Stroke your baby’s eyebrows, nose, and cheeks.

You can use your pointer fingers for this movement, as well. Be very gentle and move slowly. Consider telling your baby which part of their face you’re touching!

Massage your baby’s jaw in soft, gentle circles.

Only use your fingertips and apply just a small amount of pressure. You can then trace a circle around their little cheeks

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